Broadband Conical Inductors

The Piconics broadband conical inductor is ideal for applications ranging from test instrumentation to microwave circuit design. This broadband inductor makes an excellent bias tee for use in communication platforms and RF test setups out to 100 GHz. The unique broadband response of the coil is attributed to precision winding and insulation stripping along with selective gold plating and powdered iron fill material. Piconics offers broadband conical inductors in SMT and flying lead versions along with various size, current handling and frequency ranges. What previously took several narrow band inductors cascaded to cover a broad frequency range now takes only a single conical inductor. This translates to enhanced performance, lower loss, improved reliability, quicker production times and a savings in real estate.

Surface Mount Conicals

Designed for automated assembly of broadband circuits up to 65 GHz. The SMT series conical inductors come packaged in an LCP Carrier allowing assembly through automated pick and place equipment. The specialized carrier automatically sets the mounting angle of the coil and holds the coil leads in position for direct mounting to the landing pads to minimize the capacitance at this connection. All SMT conicals are available in Tape & Reel packaging.

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Flying Lead Conicals

The Flying Leads Conical series offers the widest variety of conical inductors for applications past 65 GHz. The inductor comes as a coil unit only, which allows for the highest performance in the smallest spaces. Both solderable and wire bondable versions are available. Their current handling capabilities are up to 2.5 amps.

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CCM Inductors

The CCM series come premounted on a 10 mil alumina substrate for chip & wire applications. The substrate has an integrated 50 ohm microstrip with soft gold terminations suitable for wire bonding. Conicals come premounted to the proper angle to reduce coupling with the substrate.

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