Engineering Kits

Piconics Engineering Kits are an RF designer’s best friend. Keep these high-quality inductor kits in your lab to shorten the design time on your next project.

Each kit contains up to 5 pieces each of the 5 or 6 different value inductors to assist with your prototyping. Broadband Conical Inductor Kits are available in Flying Lead and SMT styles with performances to 65 GHz and beyond.

The High Current Conical Kit features a lower loss fill material and heavier gauge wire to better handle RF power and higher current applications. The Gold and Copper Air Coil Kits are for precision filter application and up to 20 Ghz.

Available Kits

Kit #1

Flying Lead Broadband Conical
Inductor Kit

Kit #2

SMT Broadband Conical Inductor Kit

Kit #3

High Current Conical Inductor Kit

Kit #4

Gold Air Coil Inductor Kit

Kit #5

Copper Air Coil Inductor Kit

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